Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Your Idea of perfection.

I stole this from Vanessa. Feel free to steal from me!

  • The perfect outfit: whatever fits and looks good! In my case, from Coldwater Creek.
  • The perfect meal: steak and asparagus
  • The perfect hangover cure: chicken flavor Cup Noodles
  • The perfect road trip: Carmel
  • The perfect facial feature: cheekbones and smile
  • The perfect drink: Sunstone Merlot
  • The perfect song: changes frequently. Currently "Radio Nowhere" by the Boss
  • The perfect sign of affection: a friendly touch, a caress, an unexpected hug
  • The perfect afternoon: relaxing!
  • The perfect vacation: what's perfect, I don't know. My best vacations have been to New York with great food, museums, tall buildings, and ....whoo-hoo... Broadway shows!!!
  • The perfect invention: I have 2--the printing press and electricity
  • The perfect type of wedding: your heart's desire
  • The perfect album: Dark Side of the Moon
  • The perfect accent: I do like those Aussie blokes. But Hugh Jackman may fall off my list because I can't find an "official" website for him. And Heath? May he rest in peace.
  • The perfect date: dinner and whatever happens afterwards
  • The perfect weather: calm and mild, or... cool and rainy with the toasty fireplace
  • The perfect party: Hopefully, our 25th anniversary party in September.
  • The perfect sport: I don't do sport. I will suggest... belly dancing? (She's definitely not me, she's my teacher.)
  • The perfect thing to say: "I love you."
  • The perfect day of the week: Friday, the part of the weekend that is farthest away from Monday morning.


Anonymous said...

You are so cool!
I think I will steal this for my blog.
Did you know that if you spend a butt load of money at Coldwater Creek they send you a handwritten Thank You note with a $10 gift card? (I only spent $275, and $200 of that was a Christmas Gift Card)
Oh, and I got a Christmas card from the CEO. hee hee

Vanessa said...

Great list! Thanks for stealing, I love seeing other's lists. :)

smalltownmom said...

Bunny, I can one-up you about Coldwater Creek. I have a Coldwater Creek credit card, which gives triple points for all CC charges. I somehow (ahem) got enough points to get $40 in gift cards. Now I have to buy something else!