Friday, February 22, 2008

Why is Ernest Earnest?

Ernest's teacher found my blog one day, and called him "Ernest" all day long. Ernest says the teacher wondered why I chose that pseudonym. Here's why:

When I came up with the names I thought there was a phrase, "frank and earnest." Now when I google the phrase I only come up with a comic strip. But the definitions of the words fit my sons:

(There they are, being earnest and frank while playing WoW.)

ear·nest –adjective
1. serious in intention, purpose, or effort; sincerely zealous: an earnest worker.
2. showing depth and sincerity of feeling: earnest words; an earnest entreaty.
3. seriously important; demanding or receiving serious attention. –noun
4. full seriousness, as of intention or purpose: to speak in earnest.

Yes, Ernest is serious and sincere.

frank –adjective
1. direct and unreserved in speech; straightforward; sincere: Her criticism of my work was frank but absolutely fair.
2. without inhibition or subterfuge; direct; undisguised: a frank appeal for financial aid.

And Frank is direct and straightforward.

Well, they're other things too. But as far as blog pseudonyms go, they seem to fit pretty well.


Anonymous said...

my sweet g/guys

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

I think they're great nicknames. I sometimes call my girls by their blog names and they just look at me like "Huh?"

Nice photo!