Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Life is a Learning Experience

Frank is learning all sorts of things this week, and they're not academic. Here are his lessons for today:
  • To find a parking place on or near campus, you need to get to school by 8 a.m.
  • If you part on a permit-required residential street, you will get a parking ticket. So will the 20 or more other students that parked near you.
  • You can write a check from your new checkbook to pay the $41 ticket.
  • "Forever" stamps don't expire. Don't use the Yoda stamps because they are 1 cent too small.
  • Your mom will not get mad about this, because she knows you had to park somewhere in order to get to class on time. And you said it wouldn't happen again.
  • However, your mom is behind the times and was intrigued by the computer printed ticket. In her college days, they were handwritten. She received several for parking in red zones. (Hey, she lived in I.V. where there was a real parking problem.)
I call these little things "life lessons" and add them to all the other things he has learned, like how to do laundry in the sink when you are traveling (he learned that 2 years ago), and how to change a tire (the Handy Husband taught him that one last month).


Anonymous said...

These are good things to learn.

Vanessa said...

I got so many parking tickets. It wasn't that I parked where I shouldn't, it was things like too far away from the curb, bumper *just* hanging into the sidewalk, car was left longer than two hours, etc. I seemed to have a ticket to pay every two weeks, right in time for my paychecks. UGH!

Louise said...

Life lessons are valuable, and good. Sometimes tough, but better than learning them the harder way later in life.

Campus parking is always ridiculous, however. No matteer where it is, there is never enough.

Anonymous said...

Grumble, growl, grumble.....campus parking.......said the univeristy employee. (who had to drive around for 20 minutes to try to find a parking spot because she couldn't find a parking spot in the facult/staff lot because students parked there)