Monday, October 13, 2008

How to Boil Water

On Saturday Frank emerged from his cave (that's what his friends call it) and hung out in the living room for a while, because his room was too cold. After a summer of heat, it was cold enough yesterday to turn the heaters on. He had lunch and watched a DVD with me.

For lunch he chose Cup Noodles. I had tons of great leftovers in the fridge, Hot Pockets in the freezer, and yet he picked Cup Noodles. He apparently hasn't boiled a lot of water in his life. He chose to do it in the microwave and kept having to blast it an extra minute at a time. He said, "Hey, I only boil things on Bunsen Burners and make noxious fumes." I guess he enjoys his Chem lab, but he has this advice: "Don't smell ammonia." I learned that washing bathroom floors, he learned that in chem lab.

We watched Edward Scissorhands.

And while I was trying to find an Edward Scissorhands video on YouTube, I found this ... (Psssst.... Don't tell Mrs. G. She might get jealous.)

I never did get around to finding the E.S. video.


Louise said...

I couldn't watch it. I'm so bummed because I'm DYING To know why might make Mrs. G jealous! Oh, it has to be something with Johnny Depp, but WHAT?

smalltownmom said...

Oh, it doesn't work any more! Bummer! It was Johnny Depp LOVE SCENES. With kissing!