Friday, October 31, 2008

Math Skills Pay Off

Ernest won the $100 "guess how many skulls are in the jar" contest at his orthodontists office!

There were a bunch of plastic skulls mixed in with a lot of candy, and the winner had to come closest to the correct number of skulls. Ernest said: "I used my math skills" to estimate the number. I suppose pi was involved somewhere.

He's pretty happy. I wonder what he will do with the $100? A video game? A sword? A giant Lego? Or just stash it away in his secret place?

If you won $100 today, what would you do? I'd go out to dinner!


The Guider said...

That's £61.73. I wouldn't take nearly nine people to our nearby farm park that's for sure.

I'd do what I always do when I have a little "me" money and head to Borders. Let's see, you can usually get 3 for 2 for £15.98 so I'd buy six books from the 3 for 2 section, which would leave me with £29.77. A cappuccino for £3. A couple of trashy mags for £3 each...still got £20 left. £15 for a brand new hardback since I'm being crazy and I still have £5 left for another day.

Oh, you didn't want that much information.

Anonymous said...

I head to Coldwater Creek!!

Vanessa said...

Congrats Ernest! If I won $100 I'd buy windchimes and a paper shredder. Maybe a pedicure if there was any left over. Exciting, I know.

Anonymous said...

I would buy a fancy day at the spa. Would that cover it? Maybe half a fancy spa day. Or, new shoes. Or... well let's just say I would have no trouble ridding myself of the evil money. :-)