Monday, August 24, 2009

Strange Ending

And the first day of school ends... MY day was fine.

The ThirteenYearOld???? Comes home, procrastinates, complains, says he's forgotten how to write, delays, snarks, snaps, and is totally unlike the lovely person I kindly drove around all summer. This person? A stranger I don't want to know. Time for bed, because we have a really long day tomorrow.


Strictly said...

They're always grumpy when they first go back, bet he becomes vaguely loveable again soon.

Louise said...

My pleasant 2nd grader was the same way. All summer long they have US for influence. At school they have their snarky friends--and enemies--to influence them. School creates an attitude, and I don't like it. I think it improves after a while (because I don't put up with it), but summer is SO. MUCH. BETTER! (And God help me when my daughter is 13!)

Vanessa said...

Do they really change that fast overnight when they become teenagers?