Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Bit of Blarney for St. Patrick's Day

Wait a minute, that's Caplin Rous! I borrowed that picture from his Facebook page.

Here I am last year at Blarney Castle! The Handy Husband and I had the most wonderful trip to Dublin last year, except for the food poisoning. (Beware of hotel tartar sauce and department store mayonnaise. Everything else was perfectly fresh and delicious!)

We're prepared for St. Pat's this year with corned beef (real, not canned. What do I do with that slab of meat? Pot roast it?) and various Irish beverages. We missed out on the tour of the Jameson Distillery, due to the abovementioned misfortune, so I picked up a bottle at the grocery store. (Although the Irish folks he talked to recommended a different whiskey.)

And then there's Guinness. Which tastes best --

at the end of the climb to the top of the brewery.

Cans and bottles just don't do it. Although these cans are a good size!

Happy St. Patrick's Day and I hope we get back to Ireland someday!


Dave said...

Happy St Patrick's Day to you as well!

Susan said...

A trip I'd love to make - My grandmother emigrated when she was a teen and we still have family there!