Monday, April 05, 2010

Lost and Found

Yes, I did watch The Birds on Saturday. On videotape. Then the player tried to eat the tape. On Sunday the curious ones took the player apart and after much tapping and poking at buttons, got the tape to come out. So that VCR is lost to us, but we still have a lot of tapes... Fortunately Ernest had a DVD/VCR combo he was no longer using, so we swapped it out. Ernest had to take that one apart too, to retrieve a disc that got lost inside when he moved it.

We had to pull out the TV to change the plugs and behind the TV I found 3 Nerf darts, a super ball, and a piece of ancient dried out tortilla. The darts and ball I can understand, because I had small boys whose aim might have been off. But why was the tortilla back there? Did they have a food fight years ago?

It reminds me of when the piano tuner found the plastic wrench and dinosaur in the old piano, and even longer ago, there was a toothbrush found in another VCR. I think little Frank left those things!

What have you lost or found in your house lately?

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