Thursday, September 16, 2010

Music Festival

A wonderful Saturday afternoon on the school's lawn. A Music Festival to raise funds for the music and arts program. And there was cowbell.

There was also some seriously exposed thong in a lawn chair to the right but you can thank me for not photographing it!

Many local musicians performed, to say thank you for the school programs where their talent blossomed.

Interspersed between the adult performers were the alumni younglings.

Yes, that's my youngling. It looked to me like he was the band leader when he whipped his head around to give them cues. He said he was just trying to see what the rest of them were doing.

That could be an album cover right there.

The music teacher told me how pleased he was to find the kids rehearsing before their performance. When I related that to Ernest, he said (a little ...pointedly), "Well, I instigated that." Is that why he's looking sideways at them?

I heard lots of great things about them. They were/are the top music students in their classes (3 have graduated, 2 are eighth graders.)

Group photos thanks to "Pipes" mom!

Support your school's music/arts program. It makes a difference.

1 comment:

San Diego Momma said...

I don't get the thong exposers. Do they not feel the wind down their pants?
I'm pretty sure I would know if my jeans were around my hips and my thong was around my waist.

In other news....I'm so thankful for music programs. And your son is a gem.