Monday, November 01, 2010

Refrigerator Cat

Our arthritic old cat loves to find a warm place to sit. On sunny days you can usually find her curled in a chair outside, or perched on Frank's steps. When we had the rainy spell last week, she found a new place to lie. Right in front of the refrigerator vent, which blows out a nice little stream of warm air. This made making breakfast difficult. Excuse me kitty, I need the milk. Excuse me kitty, I need the lunch meat. Excuse me kitty, I need the waffles.

She's pretty good at finding other equally inconvenient places to sleep, like on Ernest's gym bag during the morning frenzy.

I also think she has kitty alzheimers. She meows like crazy for food, we feed her, and 15 minutes later it's like she's forgotten and she's meowing again.

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Jodi Anderson said...

Aw, that sweet baby! It sounds like she would enjoy a heating blanket. I spend a great portion of my life making cats comfortable. :)

Susan said...

I have to send that graph to my son. He is very allergic to cats and complains that the cute girls always seem to have cats!

Class factotum said...

You forgot "Wearing clothes that will attract and show cat hair."

JCK said...

Our cat's doing the same thing. Feed him and then he meows a few minutes later. He's 18. :)