Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Spidey Senses are Tingling

We've had a glorious spider web in the front yard for a few days.

I cheated on that picture -- I sprayed the web with water first.

If you're at all squeamish about spiders you might not want to look at the next two pictures.

Can you take it? Here's another.

I warned you!


Anonymous said...

I find spiders fascinating, as long as they aren't dropping onto me.
I guess it isn't truly fall here yet, because I haven't seen any spider webs!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Their webs are so incredible--great shot of that one!

Lala said...

Wow! That last one should be like your computer wallpaper - it looks like he's just hanging in midair! Lovely pictures, even though I'm not crazy about your subject there. The one thing I DONT miss about living in California is the spiders.... ugh!