Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Daily Drive: Fog

The fog was thick this morning. I should use my time wisely and take more pictures while Ernest is driving.

Now he's discovered the "sport mode" on my car. Actually we can blame my husband for that. He told Ernest about it last night. "Mom, it's like turning the car up to eleven. But your car's already an eleven."


Aunt Snow said...

Best to keep distracted while son drives!! Don't wear a hole in the carpet under your brake foot!

Lala said...

I TOTALLY know where you are!

Anonymous said...

Teenage son driving in the fog... EEEK!!
Mine still scares me. I don't dare look away from the road, except to look at the speedometer.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

"Sport mode?" That sounds kind of scary.
As scary as the fog.