Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

It's another foggy day and I'm going to curl up with a blanket and my first cup of coffee.

Love how I got both the portapotty and the jumping deer sign. I hope the deer don't run into the potty. One night on the way back from picking up Ernest at Hogwarts a deer ran into the side of my husband's truck, in just about this spot.

Apparently today is Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day. I usually clean mine (i.e. throw out what's rotten and spoiled) on Thursdays, since our garbage is picked up on Fridays. I've had great success in eating our leftovers, thanks to a week of homemade soups for lunch. All made with leftovers. Cream of broccoli soup plus 3 kinds (chicken, beef and pork) of spicy tortilla soups, sans the tortillas because I didn't have any. This week's leftovers include quiche and enchiladas, which are still attractive enough for others to take for lunch.

Frank and I are going through marathons of tv shows on Netflix. We've watched Warehouse 13, Heros, and are on Firefly now. I vote for Buffy the Vampire Slayer next, what do you think?

What's happening in your world this week?


Aunt Snow said...

I'm playing hooky from work - kind of. I have a dental appointment and an optomotrist appointment this afternoon, so I sick-leaved the whole day.

spokalulu said...

At least the deer run into the road at the appropriate place, right?

Mmmmm... soup. We've been eating a lot of mixed-together leftovers, but since it's all my husband's cooking, it seems to work. At least, it tastes good!

I'm washing windows today (outside, in 33 degree weather) in preparation for hosting Thanksgiving dinner next week. More importantly, on Friday we are picking up the 19yo barefoot mountain man for a week of home-cooking.

Lori Anderson said...

This week? Watching two contractors fix the upstairs ceiling that fell in from a pipe leak.

Hoping my photographer, who ONLY works in natural light, can take me but it's raining (already had to cancel LAST week due to rain.)

Trying to stay away from ice cream.

Susan said...

Our entire family gt hooked on a Firefly marathon one weekend - it was so much fun to be holed up together sharing that experience!

this week we are dealing with a broken furnace. After a $700.00 repair it stopped woring again in 2 days. Now the owners of the house are going to give in a buy a new one. I am looking forward to lower heating bills!

shrink on the couch said...

There are so many TV shows I want to see on Netflix. Big Love being on the top of my list. I suppose I owe it to my profession to see In Treatment, though.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I was thinking of Buffy with my daughter--neither one of us have seen it.

Your leftover dinners sound better than my first passes do these days!

Cindy said...

Soup sounds good - it's grey and cold here, no fog though! Thanks for stopping by today. We had a silver tree when I was a kid, too, with one of those color wheel light thingys...remember those? Or maybe you're too young to remember them! Enjoy your marathon. I vote for Buffy,too!