Friday, August 31, 2012

Experience Music Project: Now and Then

Back to vacation pictures, because that's much more enjoyable for me than worrying about the neighborhood freaks (although Handy and I have both been researching security cameras)!

How can you top Chihuly?

If you are my sons, it's the Experience Music Project.  "Our favorite things.  Music and Sci-Fi together in the same building."  And in their opinion, the best gift shop ever!  You can't top that!

Or maybe, you can...but that's another post!

It is said that the roof of the building is supposed to look like a smashed stratocaster.  My two-man team of experts did not see the resemblance.

Here are some  NOW and THEN parallels.  August 2012...

And back to August 2004...  Oh my, Frank's almost in the same spot and I only just noticed that!

There was Hendrix (no pictures in there because a TV crew was filming their B roll), Nirvana, Stones and AC/DC.

The interactive portion was perhaps more interesting THEN.

NOW, they are accomplished musicians and complained that the guitars were out of tune.

Ooh, look at my reflection above...I just noticed THAT, too.  It's the MOM-THING'S GHOST!

THEN, they were just excited to touch big boy instruments.

THEN, Frank had recently learned to play guitar and bass.

THEN, Ernest had recently started piano lessons.




sister AE said...

I like these echos; they do line up, don't they?

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

This is one place my older son really wants to see. I'd love to take him one day.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I love your NOW and THEN shots.

It's crazy to think I've never been there. Of course, I haven't lived in Seattle since 1987, but still...

Janet said...

LOVE that picture of Keef :-)