Sunday, November 08, 2015


Remember when Handy visited his company's sales office in Shanghai a few months ago? They were incredibly hospitable and kind to him. Everyone took him to lunch and dinner every night.

Two of the Shanghai people came to the U.S. Except for Handy, the rest of the company ignored them. It's embarassing how selfish people are here. Handy did his best, but was hampered a little by the distance we live from the company. We barbecued for them on the weekend, and Handy took them out to lunch every day. No one else would bother. The second week was tougher still, because the one who drove left after a week, so the other one was really stuck. We took him to the zoo and out to dinner. Handy drove him around sightseeing.

There's tons of people that work there. How hard is it to make time for one lunch, one dinner, one movie, one anything?

When we had the barbecue, one of the guys asked to take pictures of my cat art bathroom, home of the American Museum of Vernacular Cat Art. His girlfriend loves cats. He found a lot of cat things to photograph! I gave him a pair of cat socks for her, from my stash. (Not to worry, my dear M-I-L, I have plenty more cats socks stashed away.)

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Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

It sounds like Handy's company needs some instruction and education! At least you & Handy were there for the visitors. I love that you shared your cat collection with them.