Monday, January 14, 2013

Time Warp Tuesday: The Dolls

Thank you Jenn, for organizing Time Warp Tuesday.

I'm doing something a little different this Time Warp Tuesday.  Instead of talking about another picture, I thought I'd introduce you to the dolls from the last time warp (before Christmas).

May I present, wearing those same summer dresses, Janie Walker, Dewy C. Dobbs, and Bad Ady (pronounced A-dee with a long A, not Addie).

Since it's January and it was 27 degrees this morning, they are quite annoyed that I made them pose in those summer dresses.  They are very chilly so they are going to change into their winter flannel nighties.  Ahhh, that's better.

Dewy is the oldest of the crew.  She is a business tycoon who drives a black cadillac.  She has a fantastic wardrobe and is rumored to own a purple brassiere.   She was my constant companion, so her hair was loved off quite early in life.  This is her second wig.

Janie Walker was the doll in the big white box.  She lived in Minnesota for a few years and then came home with me on Western Airlines.  That was back in the days when children flew for half price.  Janie was able to come home in style, seat-belted into an extra seat for free instead of being unceremoniously stuffed into the overhead compartment.  She also has a good wardrobe, as she fit into some of my hand-me-downs.  She still has her own hair but could use some Latisse.

Bad Ady, now she really was a mischievous piece of work.  She also lived on the Minnesota farm for a while and would send me letters describing her devious deeds, like dangling the Baby Georgie doll out the window by one leg.  (My aunt had a brother named George.  Do you think she might have been projecting a little bit???)  Ady moved to California after a while and continued her wild and crazy ways.  She also wrote quite a bit of poetry. She spends most of her life in the red flannel robe and pointy hat, which matches the devilish side of her personality.   She says the wig is itchy so she only wears it on special occasions.

I will share a few of the letters and poems on future time warps, so come on back! 


  1. the wife was telling me yesterday how her little sister would cut off the hair on her dolls...and her older sister would either steal them or behead them....

  2. Gotta say this is making me worry a bit...

  3. In our family, that smashed-straight -up-wrecked kind of hairstyle is known as doll head, or alternately, toy-box hair. Sigh. Thanks for veering down memory lane.

  4. My favorite doll (named Dolly when I was little) had shoes just like Bad Ady! I loved off her eyelashes and some of her hair. My husband might have been concerned when she moved into our first home as newlyweds.

    I loved reading about your dolls' personalities.
    You and I need granddaughters.

  5. That is so sweet--those beloved dolls. ANd that wig DOES look itchy.

  6. Ooooo! How cool - Dolls!

    I have one of those 'big' dolls like Jamie Walker - Her name was Miss Freckles, and she too is on her second wig. Her golden curls fell victim to my baby sister's first and only attempt at cosmotology. Her only other scar, a blue ball point birthmark on her left buttock, also my sister's handiwork, is mercifully hidden when she is dressed.

    Thanks for the inspiration - I'm going to do a post someday on my dolls!

  7. Yikes! Add dolls to the short list of things that skeeve me out! (which includes clowns and spiders)


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