Monday, October 15, 2012

Time Warp Tuesdays: 2002

I am loving Jen's Time Warp Tuesdays!

It just so happened I was trying to clean up a bit and came across my unfinished 2002 scrapbook.  I KNOW.  10 years ago!  That was the year we transitioned from film to digital...once I went digital the scrapbooking went to h - e - well, you know.

As I was paging through what I had actually finished, I came across a good number guessed it...theme park photos!  We had a great year for theme parks.  We visited Universal, Disneyland and California Adventure TWICE each, and also the San Diego Zoo.

I have been working on the book, and with just a few more pages from Christmas vacation it will be done!


  1. You look like a teenager in that last one! The cheesy ride photos are something else entirely as part of a collection. Very cool.

  2. what fun photos!! memories for sure!

  3. oh how utterly delightful! I also love, btw,. the swirly tie dye!

  4. Love this! Oh, Space Mountain :-) It was the only roller coaster I was never scared of...oh, and the Big Bad Wolf at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg :-)

  5. Funny how I can almost pick the year you were there based on the clothes;)
    Great memories there.

  6. Wow! Did the kids know how lucky they were? (What am I saying? Of course not - they were kids) That's a lot of fun in one year, though.

  7. You just about convinced me to switch to digital here. I'm off this weekend on a scrapbooking retreat, and I am feeling overwhelmed with the number of years I need to deal with!
    My favorite is the Space Mountain ride. How smart you are to get those pictures for the fun of it. :)


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