Thursday, August 09, 2012

From Peaches to...???

The made-up Peach-Honey-Mustard glaze was OK.

The Cobbler was fantastic. Brave Ernest made this by himself, without a recipe. Frank and I were calling out instructions from the living room.  He served it with a dollop of half-and-half.  But Pie vs. Cobbler is still a tie.

I think we're done with the peaches.  We have some nectarines now, but we may be able to eat them up without resorting to recipes.

When I was cleaning out the fridge I came across 2 partial bags of elderly cherries. The cherry pitter got a workout and I made a delicious cherry tart in one of my elderly Watkins pie pan!  One of my uncles used to sell Watkins products in Minnesota and we ended up with a ton of products, of which 2 pie pans still survive.

I'm done cooking with fruit until our apples are ripe. But I'm told we may encounter blackberries on our trip to Washington next week. Mmmmmmmmmm.


Jason, as himself said...

That peach cobbler is making me hungry!

Cassi Renee said...

Yummmmm! I think I love anything made with peaches.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

It's breakfast time -- do you have any left to go with my coffee?

Wait! You're coming to Washington?!? When? Where? E-mail me!

Vanessa said...

The cobbler looks amazing!

Aunt Snow said...

When we visit you when Mrs. G comes down in Sept., will there be fresh fruit?

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That looks just amazing.

dkuroiwa said...

that all looks just yummilicous and....just for the record...i'm going to have to side with the "cobbler group".
i have found that peach pies can be kind of iffey, but, honestly? i have never met a cobbler that wasn't even the slightest bit good.
oh, and brother makes a mean cobbler...i'd love to tell you how he does it, but, he says it's a secret that will go to the grave with him.
i see that as a challenge, don't you?