Thursday, December 06, 2012

Suddenly I Love My Feet

For years, I have bemoaned my fat little hooves. In my youth, it was a struggle to find pretty shoes that fit. Thank you Nordstrom, for carrying a wide width shoe. (Nordy's also gets my kudos for not putting up Xmas decorations until after Thanksgiving, and most importantly for supporting rights.)

In my middle ages, I pretty much gave up on the cute shoes but was always wistful.  If only shoe manufacturers would recognize that all feet are not built the same.  I wanted a pair of Vibram 5 fingers like my sons have, but in order to fit the body of my foot, the shoe's toes are way too long.  I'll stick with my beloved La Plume slides, even though they give me a funky tan line.

But recently a friend had foot surgery.  And then my BFF put this picture on facebook.

And you can imagine what I found on a google search.  You probably shouldn't go there.

Suddenly, I am happy with my little peasant/Roman/Giselle feet.  #2.

The peasant foot "is a very stable, functional foot and ideal for ballerinas on pointe."  I like that.

I took them for granted until now.

Oh, my sweet little feet. They never cause me any problems. No corns, no bunions...  I don't even know what those things are! I can walk and dance and balance and pick up things with my toes.

I am grateful for my feet.

For some freaky confectionary feet, check out Cake Wrecks today.


Lala said...

I can pick things up with my toes too!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! That really inspires one to stick with comfy, flat-footed shoes.

Cassi said...

Being tall, I've never worn high heels. And I like my feet. I have short stubby toes. My husband calls them my "Barney Rubble" toes :-)

smalltownme said...

Cassi Renee just reminded me that my husband used to say that to me, too. Yabba dabba doo!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

It is distressing to not ever wear "cute" shoes when it seems like everyone else is wearing them. My BFF did wear heels, right up until she had bunion surgery a few years ago.

Like Cassi, I'm tall (5'10") and married to a man who is the same height, so I have never worn high heels. (Not that I am capable of walking in those spiky things!)
Yet despite my refusal to wear high heels (I pretty much live in athletic shoes unless I am barefoot at home), I recently had surgery for a hammer toe on my left foot. It's genetic -- both my parents had this surgery (so I already know what my scars will look like) and my nephew is going to have to have it soon, too.

According to the diagram, I am have somewhat Greek feet! Funny, I always considered myself German. ;)

PS: My barefooter son (who does own a pair of Vibrams but rarely ever puts them on now) would be very proud of your post!

Glennis said...

Ah, feet!

I have always had pretty feet. I spent most of my youth and adulthood wearing sensible shoes - athletic shoes and work boots and seldom wore high heels. But from when I was about 45 to 52 or so, I worked in an office with a corporate culture and I wore not-too-high-but-high heels. And pointy toes.

Now - at 58 - I have, well, a teensy almost-bunion on one foot. Not a big deal, not troubling, and my feet are still pretty. But it bugs me. Will it worsen as the years go on? Was it because of those years of wearing heels? I don't know.

Now I wear sensible flats.

shrink on the couch said...

High five fellow Roman. I gave up on heels many moons ago... one part feminism, two parts having twins. I've never looked back and feel almost smug (but not quite... the twins have cost me back trouble) .

Patience_Crabstick said...

I have wide feet too and can't tolerate being in heels for long. I'm glad to see those pictures because they validate my choice to wear comfortable shoes. Some fashion mavens are pretty mean about people who don't routinely torture their feet.

And feet like ours are good for ballet. My daughter has my feet and her ballet teacher once dragged me into a broom closet so the other parents wouldn't hear her tell me how incredible her feet are.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Definitely Greek. I do heels, but not ridiculous heels--life is too short to walk around with your feet hurting. I will spend money on shoes, too--my clothes come from Ross, but my shoes come from Nordy's.