Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Thrift Shop Score

Wine glasses break a lot around here so I only invest in the very best thrift store glasses. This was a lucky haul, 2 that match, and another that matches one I already have. Not that I care if they match. It's easier if they don't, then I'm less likely to mix up which one's mine.

$2.16 with tax.

Note the stack of bowls for cat food. Also thrifted.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Two views

The recent SpaceX launch plus my new expensive roof. We ignored the state of disrepair of our house during the tuition paying years so now we are catching up.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

The Trash Saga

A friend on Faceboook posted the saga of the candy wrapper which would not be picked up for hours... reminds me of when I worked as an aide at our elementary school.

ME Please pick up the trash. 
THEM [whining] But it's not MIIINE!
ME But you didn't pick up your own trash either. I pick up all sorts of trash that is not mine. So?...  ...  ...
THEM ??? [totally blank and incomprehensible response]
ME: If you pass it, pick it up. Make the world a better place. 
THEM [Groaning]

Then there was bribery. 10 pieces of trash for a "good for you" ticket which they could accumulate to exchange for cheap stuff from a PTA cart. 

I'm sure they hated me. 

Friday, June 21, 2019

Corgi Trio!

I admit I am not a dog person.

But Corgis!

OMG! Awesome. I believe this trio has visited us at the book store before. One of my coworkers arrived on shift right after I took this picture and she leaned over the window display (to pick up the chalkboard to make the next book signing sign) and she was transfixed. After many moments, she turned and dimpled and said something delightful like "I would kill for those dogs." I feel it too.

There is a delightful book by David Michie, The Queen's Corgi: On Purpose

I am saddened that The Queen is not having more corgis but at age 93 it's probably a good decision.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019


I know they say self-diagnosis is a bad thing, but I really think my recent stabby head pains are occipital neuralgia. Inflammation of the nerves in that area. First treatment: ibuprofen.

I was taking it sporadically when it got too stabby. It went away but flared up again. And then I remembered when the kids were teens and had their wisdom teeth out and were told to keep taking the ibuprofen prescription until it’s gone, even if they didn’t have pain, as it was reducing the inflammation. So I'm taking it consistently and I see a difference.

Also now I don't feel the dull tooth ache (since my root canal) and the mystery pain in my foot so much. So that's a good thing.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Small Town Robbers

Last week my small town was robbed twice!

Earlier we had been given a be-on-the-lookout photo of a man who was perpetrating smash and grab robberies. He looked like Bryan Cranston (bald Walt).

Tuesday night he hits the clock shop around the corner from the book store. The perp had walked through our parking lot and the alley so the police came to review our security camera footage.

On Thursday the bank was robbed! Different guy I think. I had been there with the store's deposit only an hour before.

The clock shop robber has been caught but I don't know about the bank robber.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Time to Close the Door?

Eew. There are rodents in my garage. I’ve seen poops. Something was eating The World’s Best Cat Litter. (Cats didn’t agree that it was the best, when Tiny came with Tidy Cat litter, they chose that but I still put the worlds best in the extra box.) Then last night I heard something scrabbling around. I pounded on various appliances hoping to scare it out. Nope. We have left a door open for 31 years. It’s time to close the door.