Sunday, November 26, 2017

A Belated Happy Thanksgiving

I practice a no-stress Thanksgiving. 

Serve dinner at 4, so I have all day to cook. 
Invite a small group of people. 
Simplify the menu. 
Have awesome family who help prep and clean. 
Wash up as I go. 
Watch Charlie Brown and Arrested Development. 
Laugh at my cats: one of them got on the coffee table and started tapping her paw on the treat bag. Message received loud and clear.

The Macy's balloons used to be a lot smaller!

This is my new friend, Agatha. She has her own facebook page, Agatha's Adventures.

Picture of turkey place, picture of turkey, but no picture of the two together.

Someone was in a food coma even before the turkey. He's not even a table scrap eather.

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