Saturday, May 31, 2008

Oh, Fluey!

I was fluish on Sunday and Monday. There went my holiday weekend. I thought I was better, but then I relapsed Wednesday night with a 102 degree fever, etc. I didn't even have Mrs. G's nurse to stroke my fevered brow.

While I was sick, I didn't feel like eating or reading. That's so unlike me! I watched Comedy Central: Wayne's World, Wayne's World 2, and Spaceballs. I also enjoyed some old musicals: Finian's Rainbow, Brigadoon (coincidentally both were on Broadway in 1947), and Royal Wedding.

Now that the flu's gone, I have a cough and that lovely Lauren Bacall voice once more. I'm able to read again, so I finished up my last book for May and posted on my book blog. This month I tried 10 word reviews.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Why Won't Birds Use Our Birdbath?

Ernest made a cute birdbath in a crafts class a few years ago. But the birds never use it. This is why:

It's the cat's drinking fountain.

It took me a week to write about my birthday!

As I blogged earlier, I felt a little dismal after Mother's Day. I didn't want fancy gifts, but I would have liked some acknowledgement or recognition that I'm special and make a difference.

To be on the safe side and avoid disappointment, I put Ernest in charge of my birthday last Sunday. Since he is a conscientious, attentive child, I knew he would do well. He came through admirably.

Frank made a yummy cake. He got a recipe from a friend at school. She made the cake for their physics class and he said it was great. When he asked her advice about baking cakes, she happened to be carrying the printed recipe in her purse. It was Pioneer Woman's Chocolate Sheet Cake, so click on that link for the recipe.

Ernest took his dad shopping. They did well. In addition to a practical gift ordered from the internet (a thingie to scan the boxes and boxes of slides I inherited), I received some pretty things too: Hand painted wine glasses, tchotchke boxes, a coffee cup.

From my magical sister-in-law and her gentleman, a succulent wreath, only slightly bent by their dog J.R. sitting on it, and a bottle of amazing pinot noir.

From my lovely mother-in-law, some sparkly toe rings. And an unexpected gift from a friend of hers. She was explaining the toe rings to him, so he asked her to give me some nautch-girl jewelry he had collected on a trip to India, long ago. As an occasional belly dancer, I love exotic things like that. The most unusual piece? A poison ring. You know, with the not-so-secret compartment that flips open!

From my beloved niece, who is also the mother of 2 boys, some girly stuff! Handmade Danish chocolate, a tiara and a pink wand!

We went out to dinner where my niece's husband works. Great food and view, inefficient waitress. Then we went home for the cake.

From left to right: McQueen, Me in the pink tiara obviously, Mr. Thomas's head, and Ernest, eagerly awaiting the chocolatey yumminess. Look, my hair color is almost the same as Ernest's. I wish I had his curl.

And I do feel special now. Thanks, everyone.

Friday, May 23, 2008

What the????

We have had a strange weather week. Last weekend it was hot, Hot, HOT! 100 degrees. Then it cooled some and got windy. This morning, it is raining. What's next?

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Last week I saw the most gorgeous dress on the back of the Coldwater Creek Catalog. I had to have it, even though it wasn't on sale. I wracked my brain, begging, "Brain? Where can I wear this gorgeous thing?" Brain came through and reminded me of our 30 year HIGH SCHOOL REUNION in August. Yay! So, fast forward to when FedEx delivered it a few minutes ago and I'm wearing it right now and feeling like Angelina Jolie, but without a push-up bra. (Add that to the shopping list.) I may be overweight, but I'm going to look awesome at the reunion.
After I ordered the dress, I realized I needed some strappy black sandals. Frank enabled this by wanting my company on the long drive to his People to People meeting. So while he was at the meeting, I shopped.

Black shoes to go with the Angelina dress.

And then Cream shoes

to go with this dress ($39.99 through Coldwater Creek outlet), which I intended to wear for my birthday:

But it was hot, so I wore this instead:

With these shoes:

Yes, I bought 3 pairs of shoes last weekend.

It was the day before my birthday!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Rush Rush

A few words about the fans:

  • Rush fans are loyal. Before the concert, there were text messages posted on the big screen TVs. "I love Rush, Rush changed my life, Rush Rocks, Geddy is God, Rush is the Best trio ever, etc." And some Mother's Day messages. Then there was one that seemed a little out of place: "My name is Bret and I like balls in my face." Oh dear, I'm glad I didn't have to explain that one.
  • Rush fans love to air drum. A short, stout couple in front of us were drumming along and knew every beat. They wouldn't even stop when people passed in front of them.
  • Rush fans drink a lot of beer. I may be generalizing here, and I apologize to the non-drinking fans. But there were long, long lines for the men's rooms! And no wait at all for the women. Highly unusual.

Our favorite moments, besides the music!:

  • Frank's favorite moment was when Neil Peart dropped a drumstick. "The greatest drummer in the world dropped his drumstick," marveled Frank. "He looked pissed."
  • Ernest loved the South Park clip, with Cartman wearing a Geddy Lee wig and massacring "Tom Sawyer." He says this was specially made for Rush, and not on any TV episode. He's my South Park expert.
  • I loved the rotisserie chicken cookers on stage. Seriously! Alex Lifeson, the guitarist, has huge speakers behind him, so Geddy Lee balances his side out with large appliances. A person behind me said he had washers and dryers one year. This year, Henhouse chicken rotisseries.
  • I think the Handy Husband loved everything.

We committed an unforgivable sin and left before the encore. I hate to do that. It's disrespectful to the artists. But if we hadn't, we would have been stuck in the parking lot for an hour or more.

Be Careful What You Wish For

I know I said I would be happy with a practical gift and I am... but... still.. The toilet arrived a week ago. And it was on my BIRTHDAY list.

So guess what I got for Mother's Day. Go on, guess. I'll give you a minute. Page down when you're ready.

That was it. NOTHING. Nada. Nil. Bubkes. Niente. Rien. ***See the note at the bottom.

There weren't even any Costco flowers from the HH, which I always gratefully receive. He could have used the new toilet as a vase! That would have been a great picture.

On the other hand, I did get to spend the entire day and evening with all my "boys," even though they were trapped in the car for 4 hours. We went to an awesome concert (but I got the tickets and the hotel). And I took a day off.

Concert blog later. (Hint, more Canadians!)

***And I meant nothing from the MEN in my family. My lovely Mother-In-Law and my Beloved Niece were very thoughtful. Wonderful Women!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Mother's Day

Yahoo Shine lists the 5 worst mother's day gifts but I disagree with a couple.
  • Kitchen appliances: I wouldn't say no to a fancy appliance. A panini maker? An espresso machine? Any cool gadget from Williams Sonoma?
  • Lotion: I agree with this. I have a lot of lotion in the cupboard, I don't need any more.
  • Granny nighties: But I don't want any sexy stuff either. It's just not me.
  • House cleaning gear, i.e. a vacuum: I bought my Darling Dyson myself. I would have accepted it as a gift!
  • The Man Cold: I agree with this.
    So here's a picture of what I did get. I asked for it for my birthday (next week) but it arrived early.

    I'm serious. I totally wanted a new toilet for the hall bath. The original toilet was

    • 45 years old
    • a water hog
    • wouldn't always shut off
    • impossible to clean, after years of hard water and scrubbing with a pumice stone
    So I got a toilet. It's lovely. Smooth and shiny as a pearl! And I'm not alone in wanting ordinary useful things. My mother-in-law wants some furniture assembled and leaky faucets repaired.

    If I were to ask for something more "special" it would be dinner out, flowers, chocolate, a massage, etc. But the best Mother's Day gifts have always been the cute things my sons made in school:This faded beauty has sat above the computer for 8 years!

    Swayin' with Bublé

    Oh, be still my heart. Michael Bublé has entered the secret boyfriend list (he should have been there already), along with Robert Downey Jr. (but that's another story). Unlike Mrs. G, I will share.

    The Beloved Niece and I had a LADIES NIGHT OUT! Leaving Frank and Ernest to watch McQueen and Mr. Thomas, we spent a lovely evening in the midst of screaming women. Young college women screaming behind us, older women screaming in front of us. I assure you, we're not screamers.

    Some women could not behave themselves. When Michael came out in the audience to take a picture with an 11 year old girl, an older implanted woman pushed forward to hug him. Later that woman stood on a chair, trying to touch him. Towards the end, she jumped into the unwilling arms of a cameraman and was hauled off by security.

    Another woman was lucky enough to get a hug, and grabbed his tushie and squeezed with both hands. He appeared to like it. Thank goodness for those big screen TVs so the rest of the audience is in on the action. No panties were thrown.

    Oh.....he sang, too.

    Tuesday, May 06, 2008

    All right, Mr DeMille, I'm ready for my close up.

    You can see the AFM's cameo here, starting at about 8 minutes 06 seconds. They look at a...wait...I WON'T SPOIL IT!

    Monday, May 05, 2008

    The Earplug Issue

    The Handy Husband handed me some earplugs last night at the concert. We were really close to the speakers, and my ears ring enough as it is. So I needed them. But in his hand was one purple, three orange, and some pocket lint.

    Purple is my color. Did he have any more purple? Oh, yeah, a bunch. Hand into pocket again, pulls out more orange plugs and more pocket lint. May I say: I almost chose the pocket lint (blueish) as it would not clash so much against the purple. But the thought of fishing pocket lint out of my ear was disgusting, so I had to deal with one purple, one orange.

    Now some members of my family would laugh at that. They wear socks of different colors on purpose. And that's their choice and I respect them for it. But I just wanted my earplugs to match. In purple. Is that too weird?

    I like patterns. For example, I prefer to wash dishes in a certain order. You can't just hand me things and expect me to wash them randomly. I have a system. And it works. Everything fits in the dishrack that way. (Although I prefer the dishwasher!)

    And correcting math papers at school? They must be organized first. Etc. Etc.

    There's a little (or a lot) of O/C in all of us. I can be pretty sloppy in many ways, so you wouldn't suspect I am so controlling in others!

    So what's your matchy-matchy issue? What has to be perfect? What has to follow your plan? You don't have to talk about laundry if you have already blogged about it!

    Concert Season Begins!

    Concert season begins! And the Handy Husband and I had a Date Night!, with Thai food and a John Fogerty concert. And no kids with us!

    We had great "lawn" seats. Lawn? Maybe 30 years ago. Now it is an expanse of cement with folding chairs. It should be renamed "Floor" but that's not as picturesque, n'est ce-pas?

    There was also an expanse of male pattern baldness in front of us. All ranges: from the quite elderly man who seemed so proud of it that he waxed the bald spot (I'm totally serious, it was gleaming), to the combover, to the sad gray ponytail scraggling below the MPB spot. Now the HH himself has MPB but he deals with it, i.e. sucks it up and cuts his hair short. I'm just suggesting a pony tail with a bald spot may not be the most fetching sight. Nor is the combover. The waxed head, on the other hand, was strangely attractive.

    It was definitely an older crowd. But then Fogerty is 62, which is hard to believe. He blasted out one awesome tune after another, changing guitars for every song, for almost 2 hours. His two teenage sons (Shane, 17, and Tyler, 16) joined him for one song. Only one song? Wolfie Van Halen gets a whole show! We had a great time. A tiny little gray-haired lady in front of me was rocking out. She took picture after picture. (Security slip-up as cameras were forbidden.)

    Next up, a Girl's Night Out with MichaelBubleMichaelBubleMichaelBubleMich---Slap! Get a hold of yourself, girl!

    And John Mellencamp tickets go on sale Saturday!

    In my ongoing series...

    I love my small town, don't get me wrong. But there is a certain lack.....of useful shopping. Sure, I can get all the chocolate and pastries and knicknacks I want, but everyday things? Sheets, towels, large quantities of Slim Jims, Thai Food..... etc.

    You know you live in a small town when...

    • you want to look at new cell phones (and actually touch them, not just order them from the internet) and it says "Search within the following distance:" 5 Miles, 10 Miles, 20 Miles, 50 Miles. And you have to pick 50 Miles to find a store.
    • there's no place to buy an xBox. With a footnote: Albertson's, of all places, sold some a few months ago, but they are out now.
    Mission accomplished. We went "out of town" yesterday for the phones and Thai Food (and a concert, see the next post). And I ordered the xBox on Amazon. (I am grateful for online shopping!)

    Another xBox, you ask? It's replacing Frank's dead one as Ernest is finally tired of sharing and Frank unexpectedly got a $300 check in the mail. Which I cashed myself, but then felt guilty about and assuaged said guilt by telling him it was OK to replace the dead one.