Friday, May 09, 2008

Swayin' with Bublé

Oh, be still my heart. Michael Bublé has entered the secret boyfriend list (he should have been there already), along with Robert Downey Jr. (but that's another story). Unlike Mrs. G, I will share.

The Beloved Niece and I had a LADIES NIGHT OUT! Leaving Frank and Ernest to watch McQueen and Mr. Thomas, we spent a lovely evening in the midst of screaming women. Young college women screaming behind us, older women screaming in front of us. I assure you, we're not screamers.

Some women could not behave themselves. When Michael came out in the audience to take a picture with an 11 year old girl, an older implanted woman pushed forward to hug him. Later that woman stood on a chair, trying to touch him. Towards the end, she jumped into the unwilling arms of a cameraman and was hauled off by security.

Another woman was lucky enough to get a hug, and grabbed his tushie and squeezed with both hands. He appeared to like it. Thank goodness for those big screen TVs so the rest of the audience is in on the action. No panties were thrown.

Oh.....he sang, too.


David said...

I am a fan. Of course being Canadain, we have had him playing in small clubs for the past many years. Hell, he even did a wedding of a VIP around 6 years ago, he did it for next to nothing.

Anonymous said...

I don't know anything about him, what he looks like, or what his music sounds like. Perhaps I should educate myself.

Anonymous said...

I just recently found him, and what can I say.......I'm in love!!
I downloaded "Home" and "Lost". I really love "Lost".

tracey said...

He is amazing - as a fellow Canadian, I'm a little biased. >: )
By the way, you can get the accent over the e by pressing Alt, then 123 on your PC. é