Friday, May 31, 2019

The Mermaid Project

I had a lot of fun making the mermaid's tail for the book store's April window. (Celebrating Hans Christian Andersen, whose birthday was April 2).

I cut out so many scales! It seemed endless.

I could not get a good picture of how sparkly it was!

Alas, I also forgot to get a picture of it in the window. I kept meaning to go by and take one at night. There is so much glare on the windows in the daytime.

Well, April came and went and we changed the window. I was going to put scales on the backside so we could hang it in either direction in the children's area, but when I brought it home and put it in my crafts/sewing/art room, it looked so pretty and matched the bed decor so perfectly. So I may have to keep it for myself! I will have to do a bit of tidying though.

Saturday, May 04, 2019


There was a time when I swore I'd never make pizza again. I could probably find that post here in my archives but it's not necessary.

As with the idea of having children, times change. Funny thing, my now grown children have helped me overcome my fear of making pizza.

Ernest gave me a great dough recipe.

This is Frank's baking stone. And his favorite combo, pepperoni/sausage with pesto sauce.

On the left we have a cabernet salami/red pepper, and on the right a veggie melange. I think these ingredients came from Trader Joe's.

Thank you sons for helping me to overcome fear.