Monday, December 22, 2014

Super Deluxe

After a long wait, Tino's Italian Grocery has reopened in a new location. So I made a reason to go to to the big town the other week. Supposedly it was to pay the deposit for new windows, but between us it really was all about the subs. 

Handy knows more of the Italian Grocery's history than I do. A family-run Italian deli in a small house, it was bought out by the county and moved into a housing development. There, a wall outside was testament to the deliciousness: oil and vinegar stains on the sidewalk where people sat to eat. 

I didn't get there often enough to recognize the rest of the family but Tino was always there. After he passed, there was a division. Someone got the location, but the children got the name, the Facebook page, and the original sandwich signs. 

Handy's lunch date fell through and he texted me, offering to meet me there. But I was already in line! So I delivered a Super Deluxe (with everything) to him.

I took mine home and you can see that Homer was very interested. But I was very hungry so I did not share. He had gobbled his meager kibble allotment right before I sat down to eat, so I wasn't too sorry for him. 

Homer thought he might have better luck when Frank was feasting. 

Nope. Only the oil and vinegar dressing left on the paper. 

We have another trip to town today, for Homer's vet appointment, so he's going to have to suffer in the crate a little longer so we can pick up another round of Super Deluxes. I guess I'll have to give him a nibble this time.


Common Household Mom said...

In that first photo, that cat's face is the picture of hope!

slow panic said...

How do the pets manage to look so hopeful and desperate at the same time any time food appears? Like they haven't eaten in years!

Cassi Renee said...


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Back to the vet, oh no!