Friday, December 26, 2014

We're Going to Have to Get Out Some More Tools*

Handy has two weeks off but he hasn't been bored since he lucked (or perhaps unlucked is more accurate) into a major project.

Ernest told us he couldn't turn on the upstairs shower. Well, it hasn't been used since he left. In the process of fixing that, Handy decided to do something about the eternally slow drain. Unfortunately, it ended up even slower. Or actually completely plugged. They couldn't even get a snake through it. So the next step was to take off the trap. 

Hi, Ernest!

That giant hole in the wall/floor/ceiling was already there behind the dry wall. This house has scary construction. Anyone who's watched This Old House knows you shouldn't saw through beams like that. 

The pipe couldn't be unstuck or unscrewed so, no surprise, Handy sawed through it with the sawzall. Then out came a grinder and a shop vac. I may have missed a few more tools as they appeared from the garage. (*The post title is a direct quote from Handy.)

Since this was all happening on Christmas Day, the reassembly has to wait until today. 

Here's Ernest from the other side. 


Aunt Snow said...

Our "must fix before son comes home from college" was septic tank, so I know how you feel!!!

Plumbing! Yikes!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

WILL THERE BE any house left when they are DONE? :)

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

This is frighteningly like our last house, except there a dryer vent zig-zagged around/over/under support beams. Hello, support beams! (Hello, impossible to clean dryer vents...)

I like your/Handy's title. Best wishes on the new project.

slow panic said...

our old house is like that. during our kitchen rebuild we found some scary scary construction. i don't know what they were thinking back then.

i'd like to say i haven't been where you are (or were when you wrote this post) but i have been. hope it's all fixed by now!

T.J. said...

I think that no matter the age, if visiting a parent's house, daughter or son gets pulled into a project! I'm happy to do it for my folks and I will expect it of my sons- ha!