Monday, May 05, 2008

Concert Season Begins!

Concert season begins! And the Handy Husband and I had a Date Night!, with Thai food and a John Fogerty concert. And no kids with us!

We had great "lawn" seats. Lawn? Maybe 30 years ago. Now it is an expanse of cement with folding chairs. It should be renamed "Floor" but that's not as picturesque, n'est ce-pas?

There was also an expanse of male pattern baldness in front of us. All ranges: from the quite elderly man who seemed so proud of it that he waxed the bald spot (I'm totally serious, it was gleaming), to the combover, to the sad gray ponytail scraggling below the MPB spot. Now the HH himself has MPB but he deals with it, i.e. sucks it up and cuts his hair short. I'm just suggesting a pony tail with a bald spot may not be the most fetching sight. Nor is the combover. The waxed head, on the other hand, was strangely attractive.

It was definitely an older crowd. But then Fogerty is 62, which is hard to believe. He blasted out one awesome tune after another, changing guitars for every song, for almost 2 hours. His two teenage sons (Shane, 17, and Tyler, 16) joined him for one song. Only one song? Wolfie Van Halen gets a whole show! We had a great time. A tiny little gray-haired lady in front of me was rocking out. She took picture after picture. (Security slip-up as cameras were forbidden.)

Next up, a Girl's Night Out with MichaelBubleMichaelBubleMichaelBubleMich---Slap! Get a hold of yourself, girl!

And John Mellencamp tickets go on sale Saturday!


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that John Mellencamp puts on a great show.

barbra said...

Oooh, when is your Michael Buble show? Squeeee!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for my Hometown Boy, Mellencamp! I've never seen him, but I hear he's great.

Can I join in on the Girls Night Out??