Monday, May 05, 2008

The Earplug Issue

The Handy Husband handed me some earplugs last night at the concert. We were really close to the speakers, and my ears ring enough as it is. So I needed them. But in his hand was one purple, three orange, and some pocket lint.

Purple is my color. Did he have any more purple? Oh, yeah, a bunch. Hand into pocket again, pulls out more orange plugs and more pocket lint. May I say: I almost chose the pocket lint (blueish) as it would not clash so much against the purple. But the thought of fishing pocket lint out of my ear was disgusting, so I had to deal with one purple, one orange.

Now some members of my family would laugh at that. They wear socks of different colors on purpose. And that's their choice and I respect them for it. But I just wanted my earplugs to match. In purple. Is that too weird?

I like patterns. For example, I prefer to wash dishes in a certain order. You can't just hand me things and expect me to wash them randomly. I have a system. And it works. Everything fits in the dishrack that way. (Although I prefer the dishwasher!)

And correcting math papers at school? They must be organized first. Etc. Etc.

There's a little (or a lot) of O/C in all of us. I can be pretty sloppy in many ways, so you wouldn't suspect I am so controlling in others!

So what's your matchy-matchy issue? What has to be perfect? What has to follow your plan? You don't have to talk about laundry if you have already blogged about it!


Anonymous said...

I can't stand a messy kitchen. It makes me crazy. Laundry on the floor is another hot button, as is water puddles on the bathroom sinks.

Mismatched ear plugs? Those I can handle.

Anonymous said...

all clothes hanging in a closet MUST be facing the same way.

Anonymous said...

Hey, they're clean therefore they match. As for color why limit yourself to one color a day when you can wear two.
-the cook

David said...

When I eat dinner, I have to have enough of each portion to "balance". One taste of meat, one vegetable, one potato, one salad. Repeat in same order. If I run out of one and can't do the same order, I'm a mess! I need same amounts to "balance"
Yikes I need therapy!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I have many O/C issues. Of course dishes must be washed in a certain order, and the clothes in the closet must all face the same way.

I was recently doing a slide show with about 260 pictures in it. When I was previewing it, I saw that there were 2 B & W photos in a row. I wanted to go back in and rearrange. My oh-so-wise 18 year old son said, "Mom, just let it be. This is the point where, in trying to make it perfect, you push the wrong button and erase the entire thing.

It was hard, but I listened to him.

Vanessa said...

I don't really have too many of these issues except the pantry. I like the food to be organized. All pastas together, all soups together, etc. Everything else is pretty much the "just as long as no one gets hurt and ____ gets done" attitude.

Anonymous said...

I like to have everything neat and tidy at home. It doesnt always happen, but I feel a whole lot better when the clutter is at a minimum.
I like a bare, barren look to the house almost. Shaker style?

MiCASA said...

I swear I'm not that O/C - but I have to sort my Skittles and M&Ms by color before I eat them. My sister had to point that out because I never realized I was doing it. No laughing allowed.

Noodle said...

Oh girl. There are too many for here. I think you've just inspired tonight's post. :)