Monday, February 01, 2010


That donut hole lasted about 5 seconds after I took the picture. I'm trying to save the rice krispie treat for dessert.

But this is the real temptation:

Alice in Wonderland jewelry. I want.

What have you been tempted by today?


dkuroiwa said...

What has tempted me today??/ That damn rice krispie treat....THAT's what has tempted me today!! :-D
and me without rice krispies OR marshmallow creme....~~sigh~~...I wonder what I can use for substitutes?? :-d
Have a great Monday, dear!!!

Jen on the Edge said...

Pretty spring shoes tempt me greatly these days, although I'm holding off on buying since we have 10" of snow on the ground and I'll be wearing sensible warm shoes for a while.

jenn said...

Books. There are several I want, but the van needs $600 of work this week, so there's no money for fun stuff. Boo.