Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Don't Call Me

Tootsie's got a complaint about telemarketers. That brought back vivid memories of one of my earliest blog posts (the fourth, to be exact) about the time when the Soap Opera Digest telemarketer swore at me. I can still hear his nasty voice in my mind. Ah, memories.

Funny thing, they still keep calling. They called today, as a matter of fact. I've asked them over and over again to put me on a "do not call" list. I try to keep my temper, really I do.

But I no longer succumb to phone solicitations. My alma mater, police charities, cancer societies, surveys...those are this month's most recent callers...sorry folks, you are SOOL (def. #2). I signed up for the national "Do Not Call" registry. Why isn't it working?

Please feel free to vent here...what's your biggest telemarketer complaint?


Jen on the Edge said...

Legally, the telemarketers are required to remove you from their lists when you ask them to.

I've managed to get myself off of most lists and not too many calls slip through.

Last fall, however, during Virginia's gubernatorial election, my candidate's people kept calling and calling and calling. I got at least one call every day for weeks. About a week before the election, I finally told the caller that if I heard from anyone in that camp again, that I'd be voting for the other guy. No more calls.

jenn said...

I'm pretty sure that charitable foundations don't count as telemarketers, which is crap since they're among the most pushy of those calls.

I'm cracking up that the Soap Opera Digest guy swore at you!

Yarni Gras! said...

we are off most lists but somehow managed to remain on one political call list....and they ALWAYS ring at 9 pm exactly.

smalltownme said...

Yeah, I left that spam there just for fun.