Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Coming to an End

I'm so glad it's election day because that means there is an end to the overload of political crap advertising:
  • the TV commercials
  • the signs - I confess, I have my first sign ever in my yard because my niece is running for school board
  • the junk mail - some days that's all I get
  • the phone calls - Oh, Leonardo diCaprio, why were you just a recording?
  • the door-to-doors - Our current mayor gave us chocolate; his opponent did not. Do you think that swung my vote?

Don't forget to vote!


slow panic said...

you got chocolate???? i'm moving to your town!

Mom on the Run said...

So sick of the robocalls....but our governors race is projected to go into a run off, so we'll probably have to put up with it for three more weeks. Ugh!

Aunt Snow said...

You got Leonardo? All I got was Martin Sheen.