Thursday, October 06, 2011

Yesterday's adventures

(Written yesterday.)

Ernest walks out of the house with a lighter load this morning. No music today, so no saxamaphone or music binder. Just backpack, gym bag, and massive AP Euro history book.

As we get out the door, he says the gym bag strap is all wet. Eeeew. The dog wet on the picnic basket. No, wait, that was from National Lampoon's Vacation. Homer wet on the gym bag.

Mad rush to pull out the uniform and goo he just put in there 5 minutes ago and find another bag.

Drive him to school. Drive home. Find pee on the ground under gym bag. Find pee on floor in house where gym bag was sitting. Curse Homer. Clean up pee and wash gym bag.

Find history book left outside door. Text Ernest. Yes, he needs it. Drive back to school to put history book in his locker. In the rain. Have minor panic attack thinking I have forgotten something, but remember it is still 20 minutes till my hair appointment. Time enough to go home for coffee.

Drive home. Can't find house keys. Have slightly larger panic. Search purse and pockets 3 times. Have major panic, mostly because my coffee is locked inside the house! Go to hair appt without coffee. 90 minutes later, search pocket and miraculously keys appear. Feel stupid. Open door while observing stream of ants around feet. Find ant spray.

Fortunately, the coffee maker was still on!

Pee, goo, rain, false panic and ants.

But today the sun is shining and nothing weird has happened. Yet. It's only 9:30!

How is your day going?


Gary's third pottery blog said...

I'd panic over lost coffee too...thanks for the visit :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ugh. That sounds like a MONDAY!

Lala said...

Remember that comment you made to me about it being easier to comment on a post that makes you laugh? Yeah, I laughed. Snorted my coffee in fact... but it was WITH you not AT you. Its just comforting to know that other people have days like that too. Hope your today, and tomorrow adventures are better than yesterday's!

smalltownme said...

The rest of the week has been quite ordinary, thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Good grief!

My son once put everything in the car and locked the keys inside. I confess to being more upset about my cup of coffee sitting all alone without me inside the car than the fact I was locked out of my car.