Monday, October 17, 2011

And More Apples

We're still eating our way through the apples. Handy feels they aren't big enough for his lunch but they look fine to me.

Since my last apple post, of course we've had apple sauce with our pork chops.

And apple pancakes (peel and chop one apple and add it to your regular pancake batter).

Thanks to Lala, I found Harvest Chili. It was different but very tasty:

Did I forget anything? I didn't have red onions or fresh sage.

Whoa, this is a HECKUVA lot of squash. I didn't use all of it.

Be sure you get a tasty chicken apple sausage. The Saag's sausages were delicious. But I've had some really bad ones too.


shrink on the couch said...

Ooh, I've got some apple chicken sausage in the freezer. Wonder if this chili would work with eggplant?

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

THAT'S what I'm making for dinner this week! Pork chops and apples. Thanks for making me think of it!

Lala said...

Well, yours looks a whole lot better than mine! It's good though, and as they say "freezes beautifully"

Glennis said...

Mmm, fresh grown apples!

We just had some squash ravioli for dinner.

dkuroiwa said...

that has to be one of THE funniest episodes from The Brady Bunch that EVERYone remembers!!! after saying it to Issei one night, he didn't really get it so i had to go to youtube and find the video....he still didn't really get it, but can say 'pork shops and applesauce' like a pro!!! ;-D
(along with "it's time to make the donuts", it ranks up there in 'funniest lines from TV'!!)
ooh....and the pumpkin!! yummmm!!!!

alison said...

It's always dangerous when I see pictures of food late in the afternoon. I'm starving now. That looks amazingly good! I've never found apple sausage around here. At the local farmers' market I can get elk sausage from the local elk farm, but I've never seen sausages with apple in them. I must complain to the manager. :)

Jen on the Edge said...

That chili looks so yummy.

Anonymous said...

Oh, squash and chicken/apple sausage and apples! Yum!

I need to show my kids that BB clip. They don't have the same connection to pork chops & applesauce that we have in our generation... but they do know they go together!

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Oh man! Now I'm hungry and it's 11 PM. :-)