Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Project Previews

I've been hoarding collecting holiday-ish fabric and embellishments for years, intending to make a whole bunch of Christmas stockings. But somehow I never got started.

I have a couple planned.

That's going to be a snowflake, believe it or not, and I think this one will have a tree motif.

But I got sidetracked from those because I decided I needed to make Lego-themed stockings for two very special legomaniacs. Do you know how hard it is to find Lego fabric? Hello, Lego? You could make some money there. I eventually came across Spoonflower and there it was.

Those stockings are actually finished, as in completely sewn together, but I want to put names on them. Rather than use glitter glue, I thought I'd sew the names on with sequins, which can be easily ripped off if the recipients wish to re-gift.

Don't ask me about a pattern. Pattern? We don't need no stinkin' patterns here. A little free-form freezer paper is all it takes. And some special spatial engineering skills, to get the loops coming out of the cuffs in the right place!

I'm delighted to have finished something! What has delighted you today?


T.J. said...

Oh how I love those stockings! So fun! A while ago, I was making a quilt for a friend who loves Pez. I actually found TWO kinds of fabric at my local quilt store; however, I've never seen any lego motifs there!

Anonymous said...

My spatial skills are rather lacking, but I love the snowflake & tree motif ideas. You did just give me a great idea if I end up needing to make a stocking for my future DIL. :)

I've spent W-A-Y too much money at the quilt store lately for fabric (and I don't quilt yet!) but I've got some wonderful cloth napkins to show for it. Now if only I could say I was delighted to announce that I was done making Christmas gifts and mailing them! (Not even close)

I was pretty delighted with my ability to keep swimming laps at the pool today.

Pretty Things said...

MOP buttons!!! Love!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I love things with buttons.
And you are right--a fortune to be made in Lego fabrics!

dkuroiwa said...

i can relate to your hoarding/collecting way of doing things. i have sooo many wonderful projects...in pieces...and on the drawing board in my head. (^-^)

what delighted ME today?
You did. well....you and that sock flamingo. thank you sooo very much.
happy holidays, my sweet.
you certainly brightened my day and helped the Christmas spirit that was nonexistent until today.