Monday, December 12, 2011


Well, this is what I have to work with.

The difficult part for me is I have too many ornaments, too little tree.

The easy part for me is totally humiliating the cat.

And how is your holiday decorating coming along?

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Linda Anderson said...

Hey, I like that bottle shaped wire thingy!

smalltownme said...

Thanks, Linda! That's my tomato cage Recession Tree from last year. It will reappear.

Anonymous said...

Tomato cage recession tree? I can't wait to hear this story!

The kids put the tree together last night (we're on year #9 of our $20 K-Mart going-out-of-business sale tree). I'm slowly working on the lights. So far I've got 400 on there, but there are at least 300 to go. Yes, I like lights.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ha! We've had that problem before...

Vanessa said...

Poor kitty! I do the same thing to my dogs. They get me up extra early so I figure a little turn-about is fair play!