Monday, January 30, 2012

Splendid Saturday


  1. Magnificent; very impressive: "a splendid view of Windsor Castle".
  2. Excellent; very good.
gorgeous - magnificent - superb - grand - glorious

My sons had a splendid Saturday.

Frank's car finally arrived. Long backstory here. Ernest is turning 16 pretty soon, so months ago we started planning the optimal car situation. Since Frank drives more miles, we thought he should have a newer car and the Mini could be passed on to Ernest. No complaints from Ernest. Frank just wanted a car with a trunk. I left the whole thing up to my husband and Frank, and instead of a slightly used car they decided on a new one. So much research and test driving!  It was special ordered, because of the whole wanting a stick shift thing and particular features and color combos. I'd've settled for an automatic but silly me, I am not a car guy. Anyway, it finally arrived so Frank is one happy camper.

Ernest had a weekend of bike races and on Saturday he got 3rd place in a 28-mile road race, his best finish ever! He was so sweet and humble. He said he would have had fun no matter what but was glad he got a good finish for his coach who spent so much time working with the team.

So how was your weekend? Did anything splendid happen for you?


Aunt Snow said...

Ooh, I love car shopping. What kind did he get?

smalltownme said...

Jetta TDI. 41 MPG on the first tank!

Anonymous said...

Splendid and superb were 2 of my stepfather's favorite words. They always make me think of him and smile.

My kids would like you to adopt them, please. The oldest one has purchased a $50 car (1990 Buick) and is about to learn that it will cost him equally as much to fill the tank each time.

Susan said...

We spent a slendid afternoon on the beach in Monterey.

Both of your sons look splendidly happy!

shrink on the couch said...

Crawfish etouffee made by my man, enjoyed with new friends. My favorite kind of special. Congrats to your sons - doesn't get better than a new car and placing in a race!

Jen on the Edge said...

Such great news about the race! Kudos to Ernest!!!

Vanessa said...

A splendid weekend indeed! Congrats on the new cars, the Jetta will be a fun car for sure. The red ensures that to be true. The Mini sounds like a fun car too.

My weekend was just spent enjoying the (unseasonably) beautiful 60 degree weather and snapping pictures.