Friday, January 06, 2012

Well Begun is Half Done

I always thought that quote originated with Mary Poppins, but it is actually Aristotle.

I seem to have begun a number of things but whether they are even half done, I don't know.

I undecorated the tree, but the ornaments are still waiting to be sorted and packed.

I'm a little obsessive about that. All the cat ornaments must be stored together, for example. The tree, however, has been tossed on the pyre. Well, next to it.

I started on a rearrangement project. This involves putting photo albums where the bottom shelf of books is.

But what to do with the books? Considering I am such a voracious reader, I have a startling shortage of bookshelves.

Once the photo albums are moved, I have been tasked with finding a table for the TV. A cheap thrift store table, since it will be a temporary thing. I have to prove to my husband that my proposed rearrangement of our "front room" (den?) will actually work.

I think I better put on my Mary Poppins hat to get these things done.


Jen said...

That's a lot of half done! Good luck!

Jodi Anderson said...

Oh, books. I love them so much, but a few years ago I decided not to hold onto all of them anymore. I've probably parted with 500.

That is a fantastic photo of you, but more importantly, I love that you have a Mary Poppin hat!

Anonymous said...

Great hat! I might need one... I was horrified to see the state of our "Library" this morning (which also needs photo albums placed on the bottom shelves). I did manage to put away 2 boxes full of Christmas decorations --not counting lights, of course-- but there is a 3rd box waiting for me.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Obviously, you should give me that fabulous hat. If you do then every task you undertake becomes a piece of cake. That's how it works. I'm sure of this.

Linda Anderson said...

That's adorable! Can't you just snap your fingers if you're wearing that and the whole rearranging project will be done? C'mon, try it!

Cindy F. Adkins said...

Love the Mary Poppins hat! I have a collection of cat ornaments, too, and yes, they all have to be kept together! lol I would have that many books, too, if I hadn't given so many away. I moved cross-country twice and decided they were too heavy to pay for shipping, so...had to part with a few! Have a great week!

Susan said...

Oh. I need to borrow that hat one of these days and get some stuff done around here.

Vanessa said...

You look so happy in the picture, it makes me smile. Also? You have an astounding number of books, puts my collection to shame.

Aunt Snow said...

The WORST part is putting away the ornaments!