Thursday, March 07, 2013

Cat rain haiku

As the rain falls down,
House cats are happy inside.
Homer hates wet fur.

Please share your pet or weather haiku, too.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

(true story from this morning!)
Tiny beagle hops
From bed totally pumped
Until seeing snow....

smalltownme said...

I knew Gary would have a good one!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Dog howls and whines
Begs for open door and space
On kitchen floor

Anonymous said...

My brain: walnut-sized.
Yours: largest among the primates.
Yet, who leaves for work?

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I am loving these! Your MIL made me laugh. :)

sneak into garage
too bad the cat door is sealed
claw my way inside

(True story! It's happened 3 times this winter -- naughty Cleopatra.)

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I am working on this one, maybe needs some more punch and humor, but this is the start:
Snow melts, what appears?
In the dog's fenced in
Yard, unmentionables.