Friday, April 26, 2013

Thematic Photographic: Pairs

A pair of hedge plants did not make it through the winter.

Here are their replacements, waiting for us to dig a pair of holes.

Inside the house, I now have a pair of Kindles.

When I was a child, this was my favorite pair of books.  I got them out recently to re-read the story with the four winds.

Cafe Press has had a fantastic deal -- 16x20 photo canvases for only $38!  Ernest had long wanted enlargements of two of his pictures from Ecuador/Galapagos Islands so I had this pair made for his birthday.

Carmi at Written, Inc. hosts Thematic Photographic.  Stop by to see more pairs.


dean said...

I don't think we have anything that failed to make it through the winter, although it was a mild winter even by west coast standards. Our neighbor has a cedar in his hedge that has died, but we can't replace it because, of course, it is on his property.

Bob Scotney said...

Good to see a pair of real books to go with the pair of Kindles.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Who can bother digging holes when there are books to read?!

Gilly said...

Great photos! We had three shrubs didn't make it through the winter. Just waiting for a proper Spring before we start digging them up!