Saturday, October 05, 2013

Peace Love and Guacamole

Yesterday we went to the Avocado Festival for the first time. 
I enjoyed it much more than the Lemon Festival the previous weekend.  
Location had a lot to do with it.  
A tree-lined street in a seaside town has more atmosphere than a flat tree-less soccer field.

The mascot did his part to spread peace, love and guacamole.

Hope it rubbed off on this guy!

There were all manner of avocados, from the pristine and untouched...

To the pulverized...

An avocado-headed scarecrow was one of the more creative touches.

I couldn't find the avocado ice cream, but I saw avocado bread and avocado oil.
I ate an avocado BLT and Handy had a tri-tip and guacamole sandwich.

Of course, there was guacamole.  On everything.  

Holy guaca-moly, I love the stuff.   
I brought home a small tub of prize-winning guac to share with Frank and Ernest.  
Ever since Ernest had guacamole made table-side (in New York, of all places) this summer, 
he has been working on perfecting his guacamole recipe.
Perhaps he'll whip up a batch this weekend.


Cassi Renee said...

Oh.My.God. Absolute heaven!! I would love to have guac on everything.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Can there be too much guacamole? I think not. What a cool festival.

cookingwithgas said...

Why was I not there??
I love tri tip, but you don't get it here.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

This beats the Lentil Festival by a bowlful!

Cha Cha said...


My husband insisted that he hated guac until he actually tried it about a month ago. Now, it's on everything!

Susan said...

Please let us know when this is coming up next year - I would love to head down for it!!

Aunt Snow said...

Green heaven!

Linda said...

Wow! that looks amazing! Never knew there was such a festival - was that in SB?