Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Phantom Clock

While Ernest was gone last fall, I plugged in his iHome clock so I could see what time it was as I puttered away at his clutter.

(He generally relies on his phone for an alarm although he sleeps through it so often that I wonder how he manages.) Well, he didn't have any problems with the clock while he was here. It was only after he left that the clock went crazy. 

For several mornings, I wondered, am I hearing something or is it just the normal ringing in my ears? It would gradually get louder and I would realize it was that clock. I would stumble into his room to poke at buttons until the damn thing shut up. Its controls are not instinctive at all. I have no idea how to actually turn the alarm OFF. I kept meaning to download a manual but in the light of day I would forget.  So it kept happening. Finally I unplugged it and the next morning it went off again! I pulled out the batteries, thinking that if it went off the next day I would swear that ghosts are real.

...It didn't go off... so the jury's still out on ghosts. Meanwhile, I have to look up the damn manual.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Funny, it is like it is a message from your son :)

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Ha! My husband's clock has battery back-up and would do the same thing.
But the more annoying thing is when my youngest son leaves various alarms/clocks in his room and then goes away for a weekend (or worse, a week). I can't always figure out where those darn things are hidden. Luckily, I am capable of sleeping through my own alarm, so I mostly ignore them.