Tuesday, February 17, 2015

We Made a Hat (Just Call Me the Mad Hatter)

We're working on ways for my lovely M-I-L to knit one handed. 

After quite a bit of internet searching we did not find anything really suitable. Suggestions from knitting friends are most welcome. 

By now, my long time readers will see where this is going. You know he's the Handy Husband. He's a doityourselfer. 

First, Handy built a little tray to hold the future device. This turned out to be the best thing, maybe not rivaling the entire internets but at least since sliced bread. It holds books and food plates and... Well, it's really nifty and she's delighted her son made it for her. One of her caregivers is also a handy guy and so he and Handy have discussions about plastic and other handy stuff...

Back to the knitting. Handy has adapted a loom onto a lazy susan (apologies to all the susans out there for that horrible name). Now he is working on the best way to secure the loom to the tray. 

Working with the prototype, M-I-L and I made a baby hat! 

(Modeled by Flower. She's the little sister of the dolls you met earlier.)

I added the embellishment. I'm like that. 

Flower thought it was a lovely hat but it didn't match her outfit. What to do? It seemed easier to make another hat. 

Flower's happy with her 1920's cloche look. 

Just call me the Mad Hatter.

That hat was supposed to be for Handy but oh my he has a large head. It fits me and Frank...I wonder where Ernest is in the head size range. He could get better use from it. 

My lovely M-I-L wants to do a scarf next, so Handy's working on adapting that loom. He was hampered a bit from a little exacto knife mishap: 

But now he's down to band aids so we should see the scarf loom soon. 


Gary's third pottery blog said...

How very very clever!

Common Household Mom said...

That is an ingenious idea. I love the hats for Flower. Also, I love Flower. When I was a little girl I had a doll who probably looked exactly like that, and I named her Flower. I loved her so much that I cut off all her hair (really - it was a sign of my love). She could have used a knitted hat.

Cassi said...

Great idea!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Impressive handy skills possessed by your husband AND by you!
My dolls never had hats because I should pay myself to not knit. Now I wonder if I made a mistake in that decision. Flower's hats are awesome. (Also, I have a big head.)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a gift! That is such a clever way to help her!

T.J. said...

whooee- that must have been a good exacto knife incident! And as for the knitting- who would have thunk?! Ingenious and flower looks quite pleased.