Monday, July 27, 2015

Carrots and Chorizo

Trigger warning. You may want to skip the chorizo part. Here's the carrot part.

I overheard a woman raving about carrot hot dogs at lunch last week. She said they marinated them for a while. I couldn't overhear the rest of the recipe but it sounded delicious and I would definitely try them. Here's one recipe for carrot hot dogs

Here's my happy little carrot.

You were warned - turn back now. TURN BACK NOW! 

OK, now on to my chorizo issue.

I wanted to make something different. Frank asked for chorizo (the Mexican style). I made a chorizo quiche. But I couldn't bring myself to eat it. You'll see why when you read the ingredients. Eeew.

Frank is giving me a hard time because I was squeamish about this. "But you eat hot dogs. There's anus in there." Well, I eat sausage with intestinal casings. But the hot dogs just say "beef."  They don't specify the glands. Also the chorizo had the weirdest texture. Frank should be understanding of that, since he has textural issues with certain slimy vegetables.

The people in the house who ate the chorizo quiche said it was delicious. I also made a southwestern vegetable quiche that was fantastic. I think it had corn, red bell pepper, and green chiles.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

The older I get, the less meat I eat. I couldn't read that label and swallow it.

Cassi said...

Yeah --no chorizo for me after reading that label! Now I have to go visit the carrot hot dog site because that just sounds too weird.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

My DIL's mother is hispanic, so scrambled eggs with chorizo is something she likes for breakfast. I do okay eating it as long as I don't think about it. Menudo is another one of those foods, best eaten while under the influence...

Aunt Snow said...

If you like calimari, do NOT listen to the This American Life show about bung.