Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Handy is on a business trip to Shanghai. Saturday night he had a room on the executive level of a fancy hotel near the Pearl Tower. I believe he was going to observe the tower from below. He does not like heights. 

This was goose pate.

This was pigeon.

He went sightseeing on Sunday at a village which has been turned into a historic park. I did some quick research and it may be Zhujiajiao.

Cat trying to escape people and the heat. 

Fried eggs with shrimp handles. Very clever. 

At this point he had exceeded his data allowance so I have no more pictures. (I had asked him to check on the phone situation before he left but I guess that didn't happen.) But he's done with his one sightseeing day and it's work work work the rest of the week and he's moved to a hotel near the work work work, so there probably wouldn't be many more pictures anyways.


T.J. said...

Such a trip to a far off land! My brother in law just returned from Japan and he was showing me some of the pictures of the food. He said it tasted fine, but oh the signage! Things like "assorted endtrails" "Achilles tendon" and "cheek". Like cold water, I would have to dive right in to that stuff rather than contemplate it!!!!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

.......fried pigeon......

Common Household Mom said...

Well, that goose pate sets the bar pretty high. Last night for dinner we had ravioli from the freezer, and sauce from a jar.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh wow! What presentation!
What an EXPERIENCE! Keep the posts on this coming!

slow panic said...

What a great trip. The goose pate is amazing!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

What beautiful food!
I'm home alone again for a few nights, and I am reading this while eating microwaved yakisoba. Two weeks ago I survived on Bush's baked beans, because opening a can was all I could manage after a day of work.