Wednesday, December 09, 2015

The Actual Version

I recently saw a new adaptation of Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella at a local performing arts center. It was a delightful show and received rave reviews except for this lady:

"Wish the play was more similar to the actual Cinderella story, including characters."



"and Pluto"

Wha??? (Pluto was not even in Disney's Cinderella)

"were such big characters and were not even included in ----'s version of the story. The play barely emphasized the mice characters. My daughter was confused and sad 😞"

I really hoped she was joking but I doubt it. 

Well. I controlled myself from correcting her on Facebook. Someone much nicer than me commented about the Rogers and Hammerstein aspect and the Lesley Ann Warren and Brandy versions. Although she forgot to mention the Julie Andrews version.

The actual story? There are many versions. My first recollection is the grim Grimm's version, which was pretty gory what with the step-sisters amputating parts of their feet. Oopsie, spoilers.

So hello Mommy, sorry your Mini-Me was disappointed. It's such a provincial life. Lucky for you, next year they are doing a Disney Musical so you won't be so confused.


Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

She tried to bring Pluto into the story? Definitely give her Grimm's version!

Cassi said...

Haha! What have we come to, that people think the Disney version of things is real?!

Green Girl said...

I bet the Hunchback of Notre Dame would be a REAL disappointment then!
Good work biting your tongue!