Thursday, March 16, 2017


Bloggy silence here. Blogging is not what it used to be. Other social media has replaced the blogging cameraderie. Still, I know I have a few friends that check here to see what's up. I'm just not sure where I want to go. The blog has had a good 10 years.

On one hand, most of what I post is drivel.

On the other hand, it's a little more creative than posting the drivel on facebook.

I might make it private, invitation only. It unnerves me to see 400 views of my drivel.

I am undecided. Until then I will carry on.


jenn said...

I agree the blog world isn't what it used to be. Since going back to teaching, my blog has fallen silent. I still stop by here, though, and love your posts about the cats, your boys, and daily life!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I've become a seasonal blogger now that I'm working again. And this fall really took the wind out of me so every time I felt about ready to post, I'd doubt and second-guess and flail and fail. I feel you, but I really hope you don't shut it down. Or at least privately let some of us old faithfuls hang around!