Monday, March 05, 2007


There was an unusual round of vandalism in our small town neighborhood Friday night. Ernest and I were out of town; this is what I learned when we got home. Someone went around our neighborhood puncturing car tires. Handy Husband discovered this in the morning when the police came a-knockin' on our door. Many cars were hit. A dog-walking neighbor reported to the police that a number of teenagers had been hanging out at an empty house in the next block.

Only our truck was in the street, and it needed new tires anyway. HH had fortuitously parked the sports car (which just got new tires a few months ago) in the driveway. HH was talking to the next door neighbor yesterday, and learned that his next-door neighbors had been robbed a while ago, and their next-door neighbor had a peeper in the backyard. What happened to my nice safe neighborhood where nothing has happened for 19 years? We've never had any disturbances before.

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Anonymous said...

The world's changing, and now its coming to our neighborhoods. What a shame! I fear neighborhoods everyone are disappearing and becoming a series of lined up homes and not so much neighborhoods/communities anymore. I remember being let out the front door and my mom wouldn't know where I was until the end of the day. I would ride my bike to Los Olivos if I felt like it, and ride worries. Something vital is being lost by not having a sense of security...or even safety for that matter.