Thursday, March 29, 2012


While thinking back on the figurative threads that run through my life, I realize that, literally, thread has always been a part of my life.  It feels like I've always known how to sew.

It started with this sampler when I was 5.


I had the best-dressed dolls on the block.


The Batman Quilt, my unfinished nemesis.

Costumes, even hats!

The Modern Major General hat.

Recently, the threads are bound up in mending.  Frank's favorite Nirvana and Pink Floyd t-shirts, ripped at the shoulders.  My husband's pants, ordered 2 inches too long and why didn't he just return them?  And Ernest, well for Ernest I have been repairing luggage.  A duffel bag, a backpack, and now the saxophone case.

I've always been a fixer.

How about you?  What threads have run through your life?


Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I've discovered that if I leave things in the mending pile long enough, the kids outgrow whatever needed mending. Same with the ironing pile. (True confessions)

I am going to learn to quilt. My husband's grandmother made us a quilt for our wedding gift; my oldest son is getting married in a little more than 4 months from now (ack!!) -- and while there is no way a quilt be done by then, perhaps I can make one for their first Christmas as newlyweds. Hopefully they won't need it before then!

Vanessa said...

For threads, I love to make Christmas stockings. There is just something fun about creating the memory and the stocking itself.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Haha! I just posted about that the other day, the wife making me a pillow out of 2 favorite OLD tees that will never be worn again...oh golly, a person is lucky to have somebody around who can stictch!!!!

T.J. said...

I have a lot of unfinished threads for sure- my mom's christmas scarf to knit (I did have a newborn with me at the time so that's a good excuse right!), Champ's pants to mend a pocket and my current least favorite- the boy's pants to finish sewing in time for Easter: why do I torture myself??!! Oh, because they will look so so cute if I get it done!!!! ;)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh you are wicked talented! I'm swooning over the batman quilt.
Hmmm....books have always been in my life. Books and water, I've lived on rivers, lakes and now a creek.

Janet said...

I can't sew to save my life. I do have a big bag of Dad's flannel shirts that I was thinking maybe I would make a quilt. Yeah. Um...want some flannel shirts to make things out of?

Aunt Snow said...

You know, it's funny, I learned to sew in, what sixth grade or something? And I loved it. My parents bought me a machine, I made some clothes - some good, some not - and during my young adulthood I actually made a little money sewing drawstring pants for people. I've made drapes and shades and pillow covers and.....

And then I just stopped. I can't even hem a pair of pants anymore. What's up with that, I wonder.

Andrea said...

I can't sew, except hand-mending or sewing on a button. My literal "threads" would actually be yarn, as I do like to knit (when I have the time, which hasn't been in a very. long. time.). And I agree with Green Girl in Wisconsin, you are very talented!