Saturday, April 07, 2012

Cooking Lessons

While I do almost all the cooking around here, I am still determined that my sons learn to cook.

Frank has a nice repertoire of favorite meals he can produce, with pork chops and pizza from scratch topping the list. And of course he can knock my apron off with his baking! My job is done.

Ernest's turn. He is on break next week, so I told him that would be a good opportunity for him to learn to cook pea soup with the Easter ham leftovers. He loves pea soup.

But Ernest is ambitious. "I want to make something we've never cooked before."

Sigh. I've created a monster.

We'll be making ravioli.


Anonymous said...

I love making ravioli!
I have used won ton or egg roll wraps and they work Great!
I encouraged my boys to be able to cook and do laundry so they could marry for love, not maid service.

Seems like it worked!

Aunt Snow said...

Oh my god!! Let us know how it turns out.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Can I send my boys to your house? They've only been interested in cooking ramen.

Susan said...

You are to smart to get them into the kitchen. My son wouldn't get involved with cooking until college and girlfriends made him into a pretty good cook!