Monday, February 25, 2013

Time Warp Tuesday: Peter Rabbit

Thanks always to Jenn, for hosting Time Warp Tuesday.

A nearby natural history museum usually hosts a traveling exhibit during the summer; often it has been animatronic dinosaurs.

Once, when Frank was very small, it was Peter Rabbit. As a Beatrix Potter fan, I probably loved it more than Frank did! Why didn't I take pictures inside? It was the cutest thing, with displays of original art and interactive gardens and fir trees where the wee ones could pretend they were rabbits.

And there were rabbit costumes to wear whilst posing in front of a giant cabbage.

At home, the picture sits on a shelf in front of this rabbit statue.

I'm not showing the whole shelf because 1) that would require more dusting than I want to do tonight and 2) there are great pictures for future time warps.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That is so cute!

Anonymous said...

What a charming exhibit--I'd have loved that, too. Complete with cabbage!

Janet said...

dusting! I used to love it until I had so many things to move!

Love the pics :-)

What's up with the spam comments lately! I'm seeing them everywhere, even in FB comments. Weird!

Susan said...

I remember those sorts of museum visits with kids - never time to stop and capture the moments...darling photo!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Your boy makes an adorable Peter Rabbit! ♥

I've been scrapbooking photos from our time living in Europe. I've been kicking myself for not taking more photos.